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LAMINAR ENT.CO., LTD. 禾詰企業有限公司 (上荏)

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About Us
We are a group of bike riders and a family firm of engineers, We ride bikes and we know what's the best product for the riders. We have more than ten years of experience on the CNC machine works and enriched our knowledge

of the material, we know what is most strong, light and stable material for the Bike Parts. Most of our products are made of strong alloy, carbon and the worldwide well-known plastic raw materials from Swiss.
All of our products are made in Taiwan, that's because we know the quality issue is the most important for all customers, because of our great passion on the bike products, we just have a desire to be a world-class supplier, to develope and fabricate the best bicycle components.


Fatigue Testing Machine
In order to strengthen the safety of the riders, we use the standard of "CEN" to test our products. A lightweight and safe riding experience for the riders to enjoy their ride is our goal to satisfy the customers' demand.
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